Skin care routine and your diet is the key to beauty.

I have an oily skin type. Not the easiest one to handle. I am sure all other skin types have their needs but I will tell you what works for me in my case.

They say the oily skin type is aging the best and the excessive oil production of your skin will prevent you from wrinkles. I partially agree and grateful for that. However, I constantly have to combat my everyday skin type urges to break down and shine “as bright as a diamond”.

It’s funny but I get some compliments on my skin condition. Thank you! It comes with some effort, you gotta do what you gotta do, though. It wasn’t always like that and I still get pimples here and there even though I am far away from being a teenager. It’s ok, I embrace it.

I would like to share with you my skincare regiment and give you some tips how to get this beautiful skin even with all the oily mess your skin creates.

  • Drink plenty of water. I can’t stress enough how much it makes a difference if you drink at least 4 glasses water a day. Your skin might be oily outside but super dry from inside. NOTE: Start your day with a glass of water. Don’t drink too much during the meal, but 20 minutes before it or after.
  • Avoid fast food. Fast food isn’t only McDonalds but also Coca Cola drinks, various snacks, fried food and sugar. Everything is good in moderation, just make sure you eat some greens during the day and healthy protein.
  • Moisturize it. I am currently using a day cream Daily Greens Moisturizer $62.00 from Sorella . Love it! Perfect for oily skin type. It eliminates excess oil, soothes irritates and makes your skin look more even. I tried a lot of products from Clinique to La Mer, so far Sorella is one of the best ones that worked for my skin type. Key ingredients: B3, Kale, Cucumber, Vitamin C, Gooseberry+Licorice, Evermat, Phytic Acid, Spiraling, Green Tea.
  • Exfoliate. Once or twice a week makes sure you use scrub and clean your face. I like the one from Lush Ocean Salt scrub $21.95.
  • Facial Masks. Two to three times a week. I like clay masks a lot. So many brands have them in their lines. Clay dries the oily skin and makes pores less obvious.
  • Facial. Have your facial done once every 4-6 weeks. The oily skin gets clogged all the time. Don’t try to perform it yourself, it’s better to leave this one to a specialist.
  • Avoid sun burns and be mindful while tanning. Yes, please, don’t forget to apply SPF cream while sunbathing. Sun damage is one of the worst predators to your skin. My favorite sun protection cream is Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion SPF 38 (retail price is $36.00) from Shiseido.
  • Wash off make up before going to bed. That’s a must. No matter how tired I am, I always clean my face. My favorite cleanser is the Mousse Radiance Clarifying Self-Foaming cleanser (sells for $32.00) from Lancome.
  • Avoid stress. Life is life and anything can happen. You should always remember that your reactions under your control. You control emotions, not emotions control you.