In my opinion looking good doesn’t take a lot.

From my personal observation I can say that there are three main things:

  1. You should like the clothes you wear. Don’t put on yourself a piece of clothes that was sitting in your closet and you just feel sorry for this skirt/shirt you haven’t worn for some time, it was probably expensive, or it has some sentimental value and you like the fact that you own it… however, it might already be unmatchable with everything else in your wardrobe and long past their heyday. Stop right here! If you haven’t warn this piece for longer that 2 years then probably you should sell it. The vintage pieces are great to have but don’t turn half of your closet looking like a pawn shop.

2. The clothes you wear, should fit you well. I used to have a few pieces in my closet that I bought thinking I loose some weight in the future. It never happened! I donated those pieces or gave it away to my girlfriends. Please make sure the clothes you wear is not oversized either, unless it’s intended to be oversized. If it is big on you, just get it tailored. The clothes will look amazing if it fits you right.

3. Be up-to date. You don’t have to follow all the fashion trends unless you are in the industry. You might like one or two current trends and buy a few things that you like the best. Fashionable pieces might not be from the luxury brands but from a mass market. You will wear it for a season and throw it away without any regrets when it stops being in trend.

We are girls, it’s our calling, let’s have fun with fashion and clothes.