New York

What is it like to live in the city?

I’ve heard from many people that sometimes you go to a country or a city and you feel immediately very connected to the place. You understand the rhythm and energy of the city, you feel comfortable and relaxed. It exactly how I felt when I came to New York for the first time. I immediately liked it, regardless of its noise, dirty and overcrowded streets. New York has this powerful energy and vibrations that makes you forget about some uncomfortable moments caused by overpopulation.

New York’s diversity can’t be compared to any other city in the world. Nowhere else on the planet you can meet people from all continents just walking past a few blocks.

People always come to America in search of opportunities. Here in New York there are endless opportunities. You wake up and you don’t know what a day gonna bring you, people seem to be high on New York vibe. Everyone knows that one right conversation might open the door to something different and new. It takes some sort of courage to jump into this whirling energy, and once you are in, you can’t go back anywhere else.

We cherish ambition here. New Yorkers know what they want and strategize how to get it. Everything has a purpose here. You move somewhere, on your way to reach your goal and get things done.