Ultimate guide to Manhattan parks

Central Park. It starts at Central Park South and stretches up to W 110th St from south to north and from the 5th ave to the 8th ave from east to west. Central Park represents a perfect rectangle, it’s huge and hard to miss. Almost all trains go there and it’s quite easy to end up around Central Park.

The main attractions around Central Park on the west side it’s Columbus Circle (59th and 8th Av), Lincoln square (65th St and Columbus av), American Museum of Natural History (77th St and Central Park West).

On the East Side you can walk by Plaza Hotel and head north depend on your interest but you can stop by Frick Collection, Metropolitan Museum, Neue Gallerie New York and Solomon Guggenheim Museum, Coper Hewitt Museum and etc.

Inside the Park, you have to see Sheep Meadows, have brunch at the Loeb Boathouse overlooking the lake with people sailing in boats. It looks so ideal. If your feet still can handle it, please, go and see Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir if you happened to be there in spring you will see a beautiful row of cherries blossoming as beautiful as in D. C. You also can rent a bike a cycle around the park, it will take roughly half an hour to do so.

Carl Schurz Park. (East 86th St and East End) This park is perfect if you happened to be in Upper East Side. It’s quiet and much less crowded than Central Park plus you have a beautiful view on East River. This park is a historic sight and makes me always curious to see what New York City used to look like back in time.

Riverside Park. Upper West Side has its park as well. Riverside Park is pretty big and stretches for 4 miles from 72nd to 158th Street. I rarely visit Upper West Side but if you are there you might as well check it out.

Bryant Park. It’s located between 40th and 42nd streets and 5th and 6th avenues in Midtown. It is always busy and hosts over 1,000 free activities a year. While there, you have to check out New York Public Library, because it’s one of the most iconic buildings in NYC along with other sights.

Madison Square Park. An oasis in the middle of chaos. Located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway and 23rd Street nearby a famous Flatiron Building, a triangular landmark building which is loved by tourists and locals.

Washington Square Park. It’s located in Greenwich Village surrounded by NYU campus. It’s quite lively and full of cultural activities. Stop by to relax and snap a picture in front of iconic Washington Square Park Arch.

City Hall Park. Located downtown between Broadway and Chambers street. It has a lot of monuments and right next to the oldest City Hall in the United States.

Battery Park. It’s located at the southern tip of Manhattan. It’s one of my favorites after Central Park. It has beautiful water front and flower gardens. The ferries depart from there to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.