Favorite bags. Mid Market Edition winter/spring 2022

My best travel bag 2022

I travel a lot. A good travel bag requires to be a lot of things.

It should be multifunctional both cross body and preferably a backpack.

It should be durable.

It should be secure so that no one will get in your purse.

It should be cute because you will wear it with many looks.

It should be not too bulky but not too small.

Alunna Bag. Senreve

Retail price $675


City Bag 2022

I like my every day bags to be not flashy so that I can wear the bag on multiple occasions with different looks.

The perfect style that I am thinking of is French moderate luxury combined with minimalistic design.

Ateliers Auguste, Sully Crossbody V2

Retail Price approximately $438


If you are not into crossbody bags any more there is a great shoulder alternative.

No metal details makes it easy to wear it with any type of jewelry.

Sleek design looks modern and fresh at the same time.

Polene Paris

Numero Dix

Retail Price $360


Micro Bag that gets all the compliments

When I got this bag I was thinking it’s a great going out bag that will fit in all the necessities.

The design is very minimalistic, but I couldn’t believe how many compliments I got wearing this bag.

The price is amazing.

The quality is great.

Bob Ore

Rebecca Small Cutie Leather Bag

Retail Price $179