How to be more sustainable as a blogger

You get tons of packages every week and you don’t wear the same outfit more than once on your feed. Your apartment is your closet and you have more shoes than some normal people in their lifetime. Sounds familiar?

After working as a full-time influencer and fashion stylist for a few years and accumulating an enormous amount of gifted and bought clothes for the editorial shoots and Instagram I realized that I can not continue this lifestyle. I was moving to a new place and when I started packing all my life into the boxes it just hit me… something had to change… some of the clothes was hidden in a faraway corners of my closets and has not seen the daylight in a while. I even forgot about the existence of some of the items.

I decided to understand how I can adjust and be more mindful still doing my job. It took me some time to figure out the plan but when I did it, it felt great.

So let me tell you my story.

First of all, I did the hardest thing. I was merciless and conducted a strict wardrobe edit, similar to what I do for my clients as a stylist. It was hard, clothes has so much sentimental value for me. But whatever I haven’t worn in two years had to go. I used the service of to get rid of the luxury items that I owned. I sold some mid-market things on Poshmark, gifted pieces to my friends and donated the rest to Salvation Army. Some pieces I haven’t worn because they needed to be altered so I made a trip to my tailor and finally adjusted them to my liking. When I felt that I got rid of the most unnecessary things that cluttered my wardrobe I moved on to executing my new strategy.

I found out that many charities actually looking for auction items, and if you have something that is brand new with tags you can gift it to the charities of your choice.

I thought about how I can produce great new content without polluting my wardrobe again with the clothes that I call “one timers”. I did some research and found out that many PR firms are happy to loan the items to the influencers for the shoot, you get a picture in a new outfit, brands and PR get the content; therefore both parties are happy. It works not only if you live in a small city, there are many PRs that happy to ship to you without any charge in exchange for the content.

After many years working in fashion, I have a clear picture of my style and I decided to continue working with brands that only match my style DNA. I know that my style is elegant and feminine and I work with brands and pick the things that would reflect my identity. I don’t swing from avant-gard to cowgirl unless it’s a styled shoot and for that reason I can always rent some items rather than owning pieces permanently.

I started doing a more thorough research on the brands I work with and started to support more ethical, sustainable and minority owned brands. Sometimes they come up with such incredible designs, the quality is supreme in comparison to some mass market brands. The items that are made well feel different when you wear them; they last longer, they look better and make you feel great.

If I need to buy something, first I am going to have a look at the vintage stores, you won’t believe but sometimes you can find amazing pieces for the fraction of the price. I adore Japanese vintage stores, the quality of the items they are selling is astonishing, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces that no one has The prices are much lower and most of the resellers guarantee the authenticity of the garments. I love vintage stores in Europe too, whenever I am in Paris, I am trying to swing by some shops in Mareis, this way you are buying not only clothes but something that has a sentimental value.

Last but not least, I am trying to breath in a new life into the items I love. I use my old beloved items and mix and match them with new pieces. Usually it works with clothes that more of a neutral color palette, such as white shirts, black blazers, blue jeans etc. This trick makes your style recognizable for the followers, it attracts people because they see that you wear the clothes in your pictures in every day life too and not just putting it on for the shoot.