Peru. How to survive the altitude?

Puno 12, 566 ft (3,810m)

Number 1. They say…Ascend slowly.

I didn’t have the luxury of having a lot of time on that trip. I flew in directly from Lima to Puno. They don’t advise that but I was ok. I will tell you what helped me to survive.

Take it easy. I didn’t plan any strenuous activities on the first day I arrived to Puno. On the second day I had an excursion on the lake which was pretty chill.

Lake Titicaca

Drink a lot of water. That’s a must

Chew on some coca leaves, eat some coca candies or drink mate de coca

To be honest candies are probably better, because after chewing a few leaves I couldn’t stand the smell of them.

N. B. Just don’t eat coca leaves at night because you won’t be able to sleep. No one told me that, so I could’t sleep all night. It is the same as drinking coffee before going to bed.

Eat light, preferably something vegetarian. No alcohol.

Don’t stress. Sound silly and vague but it’s true. Your body tightens up and you have even less oxygen when you are stressed, it might affect you when you are on a high altitude terrain. So just relax and it will help you breath.

Believe that you will be fine. Our mind is powerful, try to tell yourself that you will be fine and I am sure you will.

Have a beautiful trip!

xx Julia